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Backup Emergency Marine Electronics Pack

Raspberry Pi chartplotter with AIS

This design was derived from a clients wishes to have a compact and easily disconnected independent chartplotter system with AIS receiver and standalone GPS receiver. 

This system includes a Raspberry Pi mini Linux computer running the Opensource OpenPlotter image which includes OpenCPN The system also includes a Digital Yacht AIS receiver, however any brand of AIS receiver would work.  The whole system runs from the boats 12v supply and draws very little current.  There are connections for a HDMI connected monitor or TV and USB for the GPS puck.  The system utilises a wireless keyboard/mouse for control.  The Raspberry Pi includes a built in Wi-Fi access point which allows remote devices like iPads and smart phones to access the display and data available (GPS position, AIS target data).  

Raspberry Pi chart plotter with AIS

Raspberry Pi chartplotter with AIS

The system can be used all the time and not just kept as a backup system.  It can be easily and quickly disconnected to avoid damage from lightning storms which may damage other systems on board.  It could save your life if a lightning strike damages your existing electronics on board.  Just plug this system in and you will have a functioning GPS position and AIS receiver in minutes allowing you safe passage to shelter.

PicoSense can build and customise a backup solution to suit your needs.  Just Contact Us to discuss the options.

 Raspberry Pi chart plotter