What is a MMSI? and where do I get one?

Decided you want an AIS but don't know what an MMSI is or where to get it?  Read on...

All boats equipped with an AIS transceiver (transponder) must have a registered MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) to ensure they are identified as a unique vessel (Boat names don't work as they are not unique).   VHF radios with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) also utilise a MMSI number.

The MMSI consists of a 9 digital number which is assigned by AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) after submitting an application form.

Before applying for an Australian MMSI number you must have:

You will also need to provide the following information:

Note 1:       Marine radio operator qualifications are not required for AIS on SAR aircraft, AIS base stations or AIS Aids to Navigation.
Note 2:       AWQ is accepted for VHF and AIS operating in Australian waters only. 
Note 3:       Diver Handheld VHF DSC transceivers – marine radio operator qualifications are not required if the radio operator in the diving boat (mother vessel) is qualified. In the case of lone divers not operating from boats, the requirement for a marine radio operator certificate remains.

Download the form below, or complete the application process online.