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NMEA to Wi-Fi

NMEA to Wi-Fi interface

The NMEA to WiFi Bridge allows you to send your NMEA data to all of your Wi-Fi devices. The device creates it's own Wi-Fi hotspot for your devices to connect to, or it can connect to your onboard router, enabling your devices to receive the data that way. The device supports both UDP and TCP protocols, ensuring it is compatible with all software and apps.

Price: $85 inc GST and freight within Australia

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Use this device to wirelessly send your ship's data to Navigation apps like iNavx, OpenCPN etc. Create your own accurate bathymetric charts in real time with the device sending data from your sounder to your mobile device running Navionics Boating App available for Android and iOS devices.

Setting up is easy. Simply connect your PC, Tablet or Smartphone to the devices hot spot and point your browser to to access the settings page. Here you can set the speed to match your NMEA device and enjoy the freedom of accessing data from your instrumets while on deck or anywhere onboard.

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