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Marine Internet Access Kit

marine internet 4GX Modem Router with Wi-Fi

PicoSense have created a kit for easy adoption to on-board marine internet access for your boat.  The kit contains a high quality 4Gx/LTE/3G modem/router with integrated Wi-Fi access point.  Allowing all users aboard to access the internet at high speed. This is a must have if cruising the Australian coast ensuring the best Internet access possible.

PicoSense uses and recommends only the Telstra network for reliable and high speed internet access while aboard your boat, whether its in the marina, or cruising up the coast.


PicoSense's Guide to Internet on Boats

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The kit contains:

  • Industrial quality 4Gx/LTE/3G Router with built-in Wi-Fi Access point
  • Hi-gain marine 4G/4GX/3G antenna for mounting to your vessel including low loss coax cable (5m) and connector to suit
  • Wi-Fi antenna ensuring Wi-Fi coverage all over your vessel
  • Detailed instructions on installation, powering and setup of SIM card


  • Allow you to share a single internet connection with multiple devices without the need for turning on your phones "Hot spot" and using excess battery power
  • Greater connection quality to the Telstra network combined with higher upload and download speeds
  • Internet of Things Afloat ready (
  • Allows control over which devices can gain internet access and how much they can have.
  • Operate your business from your boat!
  • Enable access to critical weather reports online and allowing fast download of GRIB weather charts.


Q: Why can't I just use my internet access on my phone?
A: By installing a dedicated hi-gain 4Gx/3G antenna on your vessel you can ensure you will excellent access to the internet at any time. 

Q: Is this secure?
A: Yes, by purchasing one of the PicoSense on-board marine internet access kits you will receive the hardware pre-configured with firewalls enabled and Wi-Fi access passwords set.  Of course you can modify this later if you wish.

Q: Will this run from my boats power supply?
A: Yes, the marine modem will operate from a power supply of 10V DC to 30V DC

Q: How do I know which plan from Telstra I require?
A: The kits will ship with a blank Telstra SIM pre-installed.  To activate, simply take the supplied SIM number to a Telstra store and purchase either a pre-paid data pack or post paid data plan.  Once setup, simply power up your modem and you are away!

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  • Built-in 4G industrial cellular module and SIM card slot
  • Auto-dial feature, keep alive link
  • Built-in watch dog
  • 1 x WAN RJ45 port + 1 x LAN RJ45 port
  • Data limitation
  • VPN Server/ Client (Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec), SNMP
  • VLAN ID tagging
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n 150Mbps
  • WiFi can be used as WiFi client
  • DTU (RS232 to Cellular Gateway)
  • Two digital I/O's (DIO boardrequired)
  • POE Power over Ethernet for LAN/WAN RJ45 (POE Adapter required)
  • SMS call to control router to be online, offline, reboot, status info, alarm, WiFi on, WiFi off

The antenna is a marine grade 4G/4Gx/3G antenna with deck mount and 5m of low loss coax connected with a matching SMA antenna connection to the modem.  Cable extensions optional.
The antenna is 560mm long with a peak gain of 9dB