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Digital Yacht WindSense Wi-Fi Wind System

Digital Yacht WindSense Wi-Fi Wind System

WindSense Wi-Fi Wind Instrument System by Digital Yacht

The WindSense wind instrument is a tough mast head wind instrument with cabling to a wireless interface mounted below deck.  The instrument outputs the standard NMEA0183 wind data ($MWV) and wirelessly streams this data to any Wi-Fi connected device on board to make the wind data available anywhere.

The data is wirelessly streamed to up to 7 mobile devices and can display apparent, true*, close hauled or running information.  There are a range of apps able to visualise this data on smart devices.

The WindSense also has the ability to multiplex other NMEA data with the wind data through its interface so other devices on board like GPS and AIS can be combined with the wind data stream.

*True Wind readings require boat speed (SOG or STW) data to be available.

App displayed in demo image is NMEA Remote for iOS


  • WindSense is designed as a wireless wind instrument
  • Tough and marine designed mast head wind instrument
  • Outputs apparent, true*, close haul or running data
  • Operates from your 12/24v supply
  • Wind instrument can be used independently
  • Multiplexes other NMEA data
  • Allows up to 7 devices to view the data
  • Includes 20m of tough cable for mast head mounting


Price: $849 inc GST and freight within Australia

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Digital Yacht WindSense diagram