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Em-trak SART AIS : SART100

Em-trak SART : AIS SART100

The Em-trak AIS SART (Searh and Rescue Transponder) is a critial safety item to have onboard.

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The Em-trak AIS SART, the SART100 is a internationally certified (Wheelmark) device that provides instant activation in the event of an emergency.  The SART can be stored for 5 years and can be either mouted to the boat, or located in the boat's emergency grab bag.

Upon activation the SART transmits a emergency AIS message to all nearby AIS equipped boats and alerts them to the emergency and the SART's location. Search and rescue organisations can then easily locate you quickly and easily in all weather conditions.

While not a replacement for an EPIRB, it is possible that if both are activated in an emergency that rescuers from private or commerical shipping nearby may be the first to your location.

Product Overview

•   Integrated VHF and GPS antennas •   Multiple mounting options
•   Highest quality with 3 year warranty •   Special SART MMSI built in
•   Designed for external boat mounting •   Internationally certified

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For support and other associated downloads for the SART100 please visit our FAQ


All em-trak products come with a comprehensive 3 year warranty. If you are having problems with your em-trak AIS hardware please visit our FAQ first and then if you still require assistance, contact us for assistance.

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